the difference between IWO 2,IWO 2A(IWO 3) and IWO 4(IWO 3 plus) 2

As the IWO 3 is released in July, there are 3 serial IWO watches on sale(except the IWO 1, the 45mm IWO watch is only stop to produce, but there may have stock for some resellers or distributor),here is the difference of IWO2,IWO 2A(also called IWO 3 by some resellers) and IWO 4(IWO 3 plus):

Shiningintl Smochm IWO serial smart watch black color difference

Shiningintl Smochm IWO serial smart watch compraring


if just look at the front of these watches, you won't distinguish these watches easy, because they are too simililar, actually the same, the only difference is on the matterial and color, but it may has some tolerance :

IWO 2 :stainless steel case, shining outlook

IWO 2A(IWO3):Aluminum alloy,Matt outlook

IWO 4(IWO 3 plus):Aluminum alloy,Matt outlook


IWO 2 :wireless charger

IWO 2A(IWO3):wireless charger

IWO 4(IWO 3 plus):pin connect charger


IWO 2 :Normal heart rate

IWO 2A(IWO3):Normal heart rate

IWO 4(IWO 3 plus):more precise heart rate,blood pressure test,more lively clock interface

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2 thoughts on “the difference between IWO 2,IWO 2A(IWO 3) and IWO 4(IWO 3 plus)

  • Jos Martono Widjojo

    I just buy iwo4 watch. I want to ask you some questions :
    1. Why the charger change from wireless charger on iwo 2 & 3 to pin connect charger like on iwo 1?

    2. How do I change the start up logo from “sportwatch” to Apple logo as other can change the logo by pressing the button *#2015*# on the system version released on 2015

    Waiting for your reply as soon as possible. Thankyou

    • admin Post author

      hi, it need to get more accurate heart rate sensor, need to replace the wireless charger
      and for the logo, it need to reflash another firmware, thanks.