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Shiningintl Smochm 4G LET smart watch phone Android system wifi GPS Camera

why to choose 4G LTE watch:

1.4G LTE watch is Independent from a Smartphone, but with all the functions of smartphone.

2.Standalone Connectivity, don’t need other connection, can always stay online.

3.download audio and videos all the time, can Streaming Music and Media anywhere anytime

4.provide GPS Tracking

5.stand online all the time, can get Always-on Notifications

6.get Fitness Tracking information easily

what is 4G LTE smart watch, why it is better than 2G smart watch?

a 4G LTE smartwatches typically offer faster data transfer speeds and wider network coverage compared to 2G smartwatches. Here are a few reasons to choose a 4G LTE smartwatch:

Faster data speed: 4G LTE networks provide much faster data download and upload speeds than 2G networks. This means that on the 4G LTE smartwatch, ,,,you can receive information, update app, and browses web pages faster.

Improve network coverage: With the gradual elimination of 2G networks, I 4G LTE networks have a wider and more stable coverage. This ensures that the smartwatch can connect to the network in more regions, maintaining connectivity no matter where you are.

More features: a Smartwatches that support 4G LTE are usually equipped with eSIM function, allowing the watch to make calls and access the internet independently of the phone. This is an important advantage for users who want to use a smartwatch without carrying a phone.

Future compatibility: With the development of technology, 2G networks are gradually phasing out of service, while 4G LTE networks are seen as the standard for the future. Choosing a 4G LTE smartwatch means that your device will be more future compatible and able to be used for a long time.

Better user experiences: of course, due to the high speed and stability of 4G LTE networks, users will have a smoother and more efficient overall experience when using smartwatches.

Emergency Connection: In emergency situations, the 4G LTE smartwatch can provide a more reliable connection to make emergency calls or send help messages.

In summary, a 4G LTE smartwatches is better to 2G smartwatches in terms of speed, coverage, functional independence, and future network compatibility. If your activities or work require a stable network connection, or if you want your smartwatch to have a wider range of features and independence, choosing a 4G LTE smartwatch would be a better choice.



Android 8.1
System language: Multi-lingual
Processor: SL8541E (quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 up to 1.3 ghz)
graphics processing unit: Mali 820 MP1 @ 680MH
RAM/ROM: 2G+16G、4G+64G
Display screen: 1.52inch    360*360
Touch screen: Capacitive touch
Press the button: Switch Key, return key
External data port: 4PIN magnetic USB data cable (supports charging and data transfer)
WIFI: 802.11 bghn Wireless LAN (supports 2.4 g band)
Bluetooth: V4.2 LE,V2.1+EDR
Step counting: Support
Vibrates: Support
Charger: Output: DC5V 1.5A or above
Battery: 3.85V/700mAh  rechargeable polymer battery
Network Band: GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8
WCDMA: B1/B2/B5/B8
FDD-LTE: B1 B2 B3 B5 B7 B8 B20
TDD-LTE:B38 B39 B40 B41(100MHz)
Heart Rate Sensor: Original phase 8007\ 3301
Camera: 30W
AI Voice: Support Iflytek
FingerPrint(Face unlock): Support
Watch the mobile phone to see the positioning: Support
The phone pushes information to the watch: Support
Background positioning: Support App xiaojian
The watch version of wechat: Support
Dynamic dial download: Support