AI Omnidirectional Microphone Module Anti-Noise ANC AEC ARS for Far Field Audio Recording

high end AI micrphone module with ANC AEC DDN ASR powerful features

Product Description

Introduce smochm high end microphone module

This Microphone Array Module is a recording hardware solution based on a 2-microphone array. It uses a 2 MIC sensors input to record voice signal to perform anti-noise  and echo cancellation, and then transmits the high sensitivity voice information to the computer or devices for processing.

Omnidirectional pickup, supporting a pickup diameter of 10 meters, suitable for various video conferencing systems, large screen all-in-one video systems, Skype, QQ and other video or voice communication systems, suitable for use in small and medium-sized meeting rooms and offices.

Smochm Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Voice Algorithm Microphone Module:

AI algorithms inside:

1.ANC:Active noise cancellation, remove the noise mixed in the recording signal, get back the human speaking voice.

2.AEC: acoustic echo cancellation, when the system has speakers, normal micrphone will can’t identify the signal is from people speaking or from the speaker, then will become echo leading to bag signal.

3.ASR: automatic reconization the human speaking



Supports far-field recording, echo cancellation, and noise reduction

Configurable with terminal or USB interface for use

Dual microphone array, capable of eliminating dual-path echo and strong anti-interference technology

Audio Features:Intelligent dynamic noise reduction

Pickup radius :1 meters to 10 meters

Memory and internal calibration

Power interface:  USB,USB 2.0, (Type-C, terminals, etc.)

chipset: Dual core DSP

Temperature: 5°~70°

Humidity: 20~85% (no condensation)

Noise level: <48mb

Storage temperature: -10°~55°

Reverberation time: <0.5 seconds

Dimensions :20MMX32MMfffersf


Offers: this module has two types, the classic version and high performance version,


hear what the clients rating:

“This is the best microphone to fix my problem, it can almost remove all background noise with its powerful AI algorithm.”


“I can’t beleive that I can speak at a 8 meters distance, and the microphone pick up what I say clearly!”


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