10 Meters High Performance AI 4 MIC Microphone Array Module Motherboard

10 meters microphone module for industry Kiosk  Voice control

Product Description

Hight End AI Micrphone Array Module 4 MIC ANC AEC Noise Echo Cancellation

Microphone Module Advanced Features:

  1. 4 Mic input Array
  2. Deep-Learning algorithm inside
  3. USB standard interface
  4. Active noise cancellation
  5. Acoustic Echo cancellation

Artificial intelligence intelligent speech algorithm, hissing cancellation, dynamic noise reduction;

Dual microphone array, capable of eliminating dual echoes;

Compact and easy to install, easy to embed, strong anti-interference technology;

 Supports far-field recording, de reverberation, and noise reduction

No driver required, supports operating systems such as Windows and Android;

4 MIC AI microphone array 4 MIC echo cancellation microphone module MIC microphone array manufacturer AI microphone noise cancellation high performance long distance microphone

Acoustic features

1.    best performance balancing noise reduction effect and voice fidelity;

2.     ANC by up to 30db under unstable noise conditions;

3.     voice fidelity

Audio Algorithms AEC(Acoustic echo cancellation),ANC(Active noise cancellation),AGC(Automatic gain control),DNN,AEC,AES,ASR etc,2 ways input for AEC
Deep learning processor Dual core enhanced DSP
Sampling rate 48000
Decode format Support all audio format, wide range frequency support
MIC sensitivity -28db
MIC arrange 4 MIC line arrange
Pick up distance 10 meters
size 60mmx10mmx4mm
Size of MIC sensor 6mm*5mm
Power interface USB2.0(1.25*4p )
Other features Support real time communication such as Skype, Wechat, QQ
Working system Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10/Android
Temperature -20℃~70℃
Power rate 80ma