USB Type-c Type c Audio Video Data Cable

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Product Description

Smochm USB-C to C dual head type-c 3.1 full function audio and video transmission public to public data cable 4K60HZ


USB3.1 Gen2 full-featured audio/video E-marker high definition transmission

3A60W-5A100W-PD Fast Charge 10GB Transmission

 4k 60Hz; 16 core data transmission+fast charging

Source manufacturer’s stock+quick customization

Can customize gold-plated joints+aluminum shell/type-C elbows

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high definition Video transmition data cable line

Nowadays, the charging speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster. When choosing a data cable, we should pay more attention. However, when chose a smart phone data cable, we will find there are various specifications and models on the market, including transmission speed, durability, charging efficiency, and so on. One important parameter is the E-Marker chip. So, what is an E-Marker chip? What is its role in smart phone data cables? Shiningintl will lead you go into the secret of the type-c smart phont cables.

How to know what voltage and current a smart phone or computer need? the Type-C cable has the circuit to helps the device determine the capabilities of the cable, such as whether it supports data transfer, charging, or both. It also helps to negotiate power delivery and other features between the host and peripheral devices. The specific value of the functions can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended use of the cable, but they all need to obey the protocols from USCF.