The things you need to know about international shopping

The Asian countries often manufacture cheap, electrical goods and electronics to export to all over the world, they create low price but good quality products. Countries and regions such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China have been making gadgets,smart watch, TVs,smart phones, music players and much more for decades now.

It is also a given fact that most of the shops in these Asian countries are much cheaper than their western counterparts and many people buy cameras and electronics when they visit them on holiday or business. But, as the international logistic development and international business expanding, you can also buy from some of these over the internet, as many Asian manufacturers offer international online shipping., the buyer can save money to buy directly from some manufacturer store than from local distributors.

But there are some things you need to know when doing an international shopping by personal buyer.

the problems in international shopping


Find the suitable Online Shopping Sites with International Shipping

  1. How to buy on an international store?

At first find the suitable online store for you, you can find big platform such as Ebay,Aliexpress, and you’d better to find out the better supplier such as the manufacture directly, it can save you more money. For example, if you want to buy shoes, then the manufacturer store should be lower price because it don’t need to pay benefit to the distributor.

And the direct online stores are also better than those big platform such as Ebay,Amazon,Aliexpress, the manufacturer had to pay for at lease 10% turnover to those platforms as the fee to sell there, for example, if you want to buy smart watch, the manufacturer store will low than most of the Ebay,Amazon store, the Ebay charges 12% ,and Amazon need to charge 15% of each deal.

  1. How to pay for the order?

It is easy to pay righ, most of the time use Paypal or other online payment method, it is just like buying domestic.

  1. May it take Customs tariff ? and who will pay for the tariff?

This depends on how much you have bought and whether the dealer has the experience to handle customs tariff, there is ways to reduce the chance of tariff, for example ,big order into two small package or 3 small package. The Customs tariff is different in different countries, the buyer can ask for some information from the seller, but there is also opportunity to be tariffed, if that happen, the buyer should respond for those tariff

2.What should I do when the Customs ask me to pay the tariff?

If the package is checked by the Customs and deny your package value, you should ask the seller to provide proof of your payment, or discuss with your seller how to reduce the tariff

3.How to avoid the Customs fee?

It is only reduce the opportunity to be tariffed, you can’t 100% avoid the Customs fee, the experience seller can help to reduce the chance, or you seriously obey your local Customs policy, don’t violate the policies, then you won’t be asked for customs fee.

4.How long can I get my products after I bought it?

That depends on what kind of delivery service you selected and where you are, and where the package from. Take China to U.S.A for example, the DHL lead time about 3-7 days, 10-15 days for China Post, but DHL is more expensive than China Post, you can discuss with your seller which delivery you like.

5.How can I know whether the seller is suitable for me?

You can make decision whether to buy from the seller with below standards: it professional and have proof that it is professional ?:for this one, you can judge its skills on its website, whether its website can provide enough information and knowledge related to the products,and what kind of service it can provide to the buyer.

for example, if you want to buy smart watch, the smart watch manufacturer online store should be the reasonable seller for you, we provide enough support stuff in

b.does it serve its customers well in the past? According to its reviews or comments or orders happened in the past ,you can just whether it can serve you well.