Shiningintl IWO3 plus firmware update notes 2

As the shiningintl IWO3 plus smart watch is released in July 2017,we have released the first version firmware in July, and we will keep the firmware updating to get more and more function coming out and optimize the firmware, this page is the information you must read carefully before operation

  1. Special Feature:

Heart rate monitor function: support heart rate monitor history stored in iPhone and android phone, keep tracking your heart rate information conveniently, you can also start to check heart rate function remote by phone.

  1. Hardware

From the beginning of August,we have added another LED screen hardware supplier as we improve the supply chain management capability, so there are two type of LCD in our hardware, please identify the “LCD7789V” and “XRM7789HSD” in the your watch firmware name, and take the suitable firmware to download.

  1. Function change:

a.LCD screen default brightness set to the third level,

b.The battery percentage optimize

c.Prompt charging full when the charging in turned off state

d.improve battery performance, longer battery usage.the battery charging current is too big in the old version, it leads to the watch ”fake” full charging, but actually the battery is not full and short battery usage.

  1. This firmware suitable for iwo3 plus purchased in and shiningintl flagstore in ebay
  2. firmware download link:
  3. the buyers from our flagstore can get free support ,please contact us in and inform us the order number with order screen digest

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