MT2511 healthcare smartwatch/bracelet


MT2511 analog front end sensor +  main control unit(CPU) architeture

Health care smart watch:MT2511 analog front end sensor +MT2502/MT2503

Health care smart bracelet:MT2511 analog front end sensor + MT2523 ( low power bluetooth controler)

sensing EKG (Electrocardiography) and PPG(Photoplethysmography) simultaneously

2-in-1 bio-sensing AFE (Voltage/Current)
Built-in beat interval detection circuit with SRAM can optimize power consumption for sleep heart
rate monitoring
Integrates an oscillator to offer high-precision clock with external crystal.
Flexible timing control for dynamic power down for power saving.
Two-electrode (2E) mode and right leg drive (RLD) mode for EKG monitoring.
Ultra-low power consumption


precise ECG/PPG/blood pressure test smart watch, precise ECG/PPG/blood pressure test low power consumption Bluetooth bracelet

project sample:

Smochm smart health care bracelet SM69

  1. MT2511+MT2523(Bluetooth low energy controller)
  2. waterproof
  3. precise blood pressure, ECG test
  4. dynamic heart rate monitor test
  5. Sports monitor and analysis
  6. Sleeping monitor
  7. Bluetooth low energy (BLE4.2)connection


shiningintl MT2511 smart bracelet

MT2511 smart bracelet