shiningintl sc-i8 smart ip camera solution


P2P penetration server to provide stable connection for camera and clients, reduce bandwidth requirement for larger capacity device deployment, can deployment server most countries local data center as customers requirement

shiningintl surveillance p2p-topology



SC-i8 ip camera features for internetof things


1.precise PIR infrared sensor detector combine picture movement detect algorithm

arrange:130 angle degre in left-right,90 degree angle ,6 meters distance

shiningintl sc-i8 ip camera with PIR sensor internet camera solution Solve common problems in ip camera industry:

–can’t view the field of alarm

–the traditional camera can’t trigger the alarm in time

precise alarm trigger in shiningintl sc-i8 ip camera solution

3.Support 512G TF card, shiningintl sc-i8 ip camera solution can store video for several monthes with special compression algorithm

4.Advance in ip camera technology

–PIR trigger video capture for 1 minute.

–Loop recording

–Auto store when lost power,no data lost

–Super compact zip

advanced technology in shiningintl sc-i8 ip camera

5.advanced security protection

–Administrator phone and number binding to device

–HTTPS communication

–Server side certification

–Firmware remote upgrade

advanced security protection in sc-i8 ip camera solution

6.15 seconds lighting at night when detecting human moving

LED lighting when detect human being movement

7.easy to install


1.home security surveilance surveillance

3.perfect ip video solution for personal and business usage


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