shiningintl bluetooth mesh smart lighting solution

The bluetooth mesh self-setup smart lighting solution is a new smart home solution, it can directly use the smart phone bluetooth to connect to all the smart nodes if the smart phone signal reachs one.

shiningintl bluetooth mesh 1-TO-M system

Bluetooth mesh network introduction:

the bluetooth mesh network is a self-build up network by bluetooth node, the nodes in the signal coverage can be found automatically and extend the network range by its signal coverage

Bluetooth mesh Advantage:

1.Quick self set up, join the network when it is powered on, no routing can road caculating need

2.Can be acceed by smart phone or controller directly, the gateway is not necessary

3.High Security, data is encrypt with LES, Net name + passord  security

4.Long distance,broadcasting communcation,it can be controled if in the broadcasting coverage.

5.Collision detection to avoid network message flooding

6.Effective node status update

7.Multiple device control,group control support


1.Network frame capacity is limited to 30 bytes

Introduction about shiningintl Bluetooth Mesh system

1.Bluetooth mesh  Stack  introduction

the stack includes three levels in architeture: the core lib, the source, the application , please look at the picture below


2.shiningintl mesh network set up communication

Mesh network is built up step by step with the broadcasting, if evey node will rebroadcast the package it received, then the network will be blocked by large amount message


In order to avoid the broadcasting storm, we needs to calculate the times of rebroadcasting, to limit how many times the messange can be broadcasting,it means when frame is broadcasting, the sno. Will be counted once, it will be discarded when it grow up to meet the limitation, for example if the limitation is 4, when the messange received with the sno. Is 4, it will not be broacasting again.



limit the times of each frame

3.Implementation of Mesh Network Communication Packet

Every node can only be assigned to 8 group, the network group id shoud be within8000-fffe,

shiningintl bluetooth mesh implementation


Shiningintl Bluetooth mesh Operation procedure

Operation procedure- 1

the general connection procudure is: scanning   -> connecting–> login –> login ok–>control CDM


Light advanced messange include local name and vender ID as the filter for app scaning


After build up connection,report all service and register service property UUID


Login needs to ceritify the netname and password(both 16bytes)

AEC ectryption private key  produce. The encryption bases on the two 16bytes of netname and password to generate a 16 bytes .this 16 bytes private key will be exchanged with the other

4.login ok

Login is to certifythe name and password

5.start CDM control

shiningintl bluetoot mesh communication-procedure1

Operation procedure- 2

1 encryption between smart phone and bluetooth mesh node

①Master send out netname + password,slaver matchs the netname and password of himself

②Master will generate an random encryption according to netname and password

③Master will send the  random encryption private keey to slaver

④ slaver generate a random private key after receiving the key from master,and return to the master

⑤ two side to generte an SK based on netname + passwor +random key + rrandom key

⑥This SK will be used for the later communcation

⑦If the connection broken, it will go through this above procedure

2 encryption between mesh node and mesh node

Communication between Mesh nodes will be encryped, the encryption is LTK

When the master changes the name of node , it also change the LTK.

Ltk is only the private key for mesh network, it doesn’t matter with the ble communication

shiningintl bluetooth mesh communication-procedur2


Device type

sensor and other:

–Light switches




–Remote controls


light device:

–Light bulbs/Strips

–Light fixtures

shiningintl bluetooth mesh device