Medical Endoscope Sperate Otoscope 1M pixel module industrial

3.5mm Medical level endoscope camera module USB 2.0 interface

1.USB interface,soft flexible cable
2.suitable for medical level endoscope

Product Description

Medical endoscope 1M pixels module USB 2.0 interface SME-M02

Sensor:1M sensor
Resolution: 1280×720
Pixel size: 1.4μm x1.4μm
steel pipe sizes:Ф3.5mm
Field of view: 90°-140°
Focal Depth : 5mm-100mm/
Light source: 6-LED
LED light board. OD3.1 and above
0utput interface: USB
Applications: medical level Ear ,nose ,throat diagnostic
Length:100mm(support customized)
temperature: 40 celsius

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