Bidirectional AC DC and DC to AD Power inverter board PCBA Power Supply

AC DC and DC AC power inverter and converter power storage outdoor power supply PCBA solution

Product Description

AC DC  and DC AC bidirectional Power converter for power storage and outdoor power supply

This is smochm powerful AC to DC converter power storage and DC to AC  inverter combination solution

input: power grid 220V  AC or solar power  ,


 DC AC power converter  part:
power rate:  2000w (peak 4000w)

Output:  Ac voltage220Vac

Output frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz Pure sine waveoutput Waveform distortion (THD):waveform<5%
Fuse: 50A*2
Battery voltage (voltage range) : 48Vdc(39Vdc-60Vdc)
Maximum efficiency:≥93%
Fan operating mode :PWM control
No-load loss :≤2W
Batery Type:13 or14 pieces ternary ithium battery pack,15 or 16 pieces ithium iron phosphate battery
battery low voltage protection: 39Vdc turn off inverter output
battery high voltage protection: 50Vdc
battery high voltage protection: 60Vdc off inverter output
battery high voltage protection recover : 58V DC
hight temperature protection: turn off DC output

High temperature protection recovery:Automatic Recovery of inverter output after temperature reduction

shor circui :Turn off the inverter output and lock it. Restart and recover afer elminating the short circuit
Overload protection: turn off the inverter and lock it, reduce the load and restart to recover

AC DC Charging part

Rated Power : 2000W
Maximum eficiency:≥93%
DC power to Ac inverter time:20ms
Ac power to Dc time: 20ms
Lightning protection:Varistor
Operating temperature: -20℃~40℃
working humidity:10%~90%RH,No condensation
Structural Characteristics
Ac output interface : XT90
Dc input interface:  +- 2 connector
size: 270*190*48(MM)