Shiningintl 2017 updated IWO 2A smart watch released 3 update of IWO 2 smart watch

The IWO 2A smart watch is released to our distributors all over the world, you can say why not a IWO 3? This new release version of IWO is based on IWO 2, for the hardware side ,we have replaced with light strong Aluminium,high strength aviation grade aluminum with anodic oxidation treatment processing, superior color and lustre .
In the software part, the IWO 2A has update new style clock interfaces in fashionable way,SMS, whatsapp,facebook,Email notification supported,

Model name: SM-WAT-IWO-2A( or IWO 3),we prefer the IWO 2A, but some distributors will say it as IWO 3
Brand: Neutral or SMOCHM option
Bluetooth :4.0
Display 1.54 inch/240*240/Full lamination/touch screen
Battery :380mAh polymer battery
Charging cable: Magnetic Adsorption wireless charger
Case material: Aluminium
Interface: hide in band slot
Band: changeable

2.detail look of IWO 2A

3.The difference between IWO 2 and IWO 2A:

2017 IWO 2 update IWO 2A

IWO 2A 2017 real photo





Stainless steel

Strong Aluminium

Case Color available

Black, silver, gold, rose gold

Black, silver, gold

Branding(for distributors)


Neutral or smochm


5 clock interface

6 clock interface

Mic hole

1 hole

2 hole




Round button


Thinner & precise




for distributor buyers,please go to the distributor page , for retail buyer,please go to shiningsmart online store.

3 thoughts on “Shiningintl 2017 updated IWO 2A smart watch released

  • daniel

    I have iwo 3generacion, and an iphone 6s, I can download spheres for the clock? I do not have sd card, nor appmanager

  • Dan

    Hi, do you have a fix released for IWO 2A in which digital time face cannot change to 12hr time format? The watch looks nice but all these bugs makes it less diserable especially when no bug fixs are released. I dont mind buying the data cable if to do the uograde. Tks.

  • Sunny

    Hi, I have the IWO1 and used it with Iphone6 ​​and the WATCH app by qingoumm. Now the following problem with iOS 11.2.6, the app stops working. Message: App can not be loaded, but tries several times in vain. What can I do?

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