New Technology IPX12 Waterproof Mp3 Sport Bone Conduction Headset with Built-in 8GB Capacity For Swimming or Diving

Product Main Features:

(1). IPX 12 Level waterproof, Under waterproof for 10 meters
(2). Excellent new technology–Bone Conduction
(3). Built-in 8GB mass storage, Support Mp3, WMA formats Music
(4).Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 82dB
(5). Built-in FM Function
(6). USB 2.0 High Speed interface for you to download the songs or musics


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Product Description

Product Descriptions:

Main features:
1.Output power: left channel right channel 1.5W * 2 (4 ohms)
2.Input Sensitivity: ≤ 400mV
3.Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 82dB
4.Distortion rate: ≤ 0.7%
5.Frequency response: 60Hz-20KHz
6.Speaker: bone conduction
7.Power supply voltage: DC, 3.7V
Product Description:
1. Change the product for the first use of bone conduction waterproof of IPX12 level products,
2. The one-piece design of human nature, to solve the trouble with threading and spectacles to achieve.
3. To solve the practical problems of water and underwater sports, music lovers,
4. The product can be brought to the ear hearing music-loving true gospel.
5. With FM function.
6. 4G and 8G optional large capacity,(Price quoted for 8GB built-in memory)
1. The product of ingenious design, the use of a special bone conduction technology to change the entertainment to enjoy life.
2. Built-in player with 8G memory memory can play MP3, WMA format music.
3. Built-in FM function.
4. Perfect sound: deep, powerful low-frequency. IF full of sleek, high-frequency crystal clear, flexible overall level.
5. Any link to download: USB 2.0
6. Suitable for underwater swimming and running enthusiasts
7. User-friendly design to solve the connection problem.
8. Underwater 10 meters waterproof IPX12 waterproof rating of more than can be done
Full Product Content:
1.Sports Waterproof MP3 x 1
2. Power adapter  x 1
3. Product brochures x 1
4. Product certification x 1
5. 2.0 USB cable x 1
real pictures:
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