Shiningintl Qi wireless charging earbuds SH-EA4

Qi wireless charging and USB wired charging

high quality sound quality

two ears mini design

big battery cabin

Product Description

The 2018 best bluetooth earbuds

Shiningintl creative Qi  standard wireless charging bluetooth earbuds wireless bluetooth headphones for iPhone , Android

Qi wireless charging bluetooth earbuds



     1.the most fashionable ID design

This airbuds has a outlook design similar to the apple airpods, but it is not a copy of airpods, its charging case is installed a battery of 500mah, the curve design make it a popular appearance as the main brand in the market such as Sony, Jabra,  the new wireless earbuds’ appearance is a little similar to the apple airpods, as an airpods alternative for the people looking for better price-performance rate.

     2.the most creative Qi wireless charging function

Qi wireless charging standard is popular, but it is few to apply in bluetooth earbuds, in 2018 bluetooth earbuds and headset with a Qi charging capability is the trend, SH-EA4 is a creative design installed a Qi standard wireless charging receiver into the charging station, so small case with so powerful function, it is the better design comparing to the Apple earbuds.

    3.True wireless stereo support audio wireless bluetooth headphones

    4.reduce radiation

    5.Big battery capacity cabin:



Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Speaker output: 4mW 16ohm
Battery built-in earpiece: 40mAh *2
Charging station battery: 500mAh
Playing time: around 2hours
Certificate: FCC, CP65


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shiningintl qi earbuds SH-EA4

shiningintl qi earbuds SH-EA4

shiningintl qi earbuds SH-EA4

shiningintl qi earbuds SH-EA4 apperance

shiningintl qi earbuds SH-EA4 parameter

shiningintl qi earbuds SH-EA4