smochm portable monitor display

product instruction book for portable monitor 24PM156   Recently updated !

Portable Monitor 24PM156 Features Application for portable monitor:    In this era of information overload, our lives and work are ceaselessly in pursuit of efficiency and convenience. The Smochm portable display is a technological masterpiece created to cater to this demand. It effortlessly extends your computer and smartphone screens via […]

how to get one new good e-marker type-c cable   Recently updated !

Welcome to Shiningintl(the owner of brand smochm) , how to choose a type-c cable for your phone or computer ? What is the E-Marker chip for data cables and what is its purpose? there are lots of secret about this important cable, please read through this page before you make […]

shiningintl portable screen solution

best portatble screen mornitor solution

Shiningintl(smochm) portable mornitor screen solution is a type of display device that can be easily carried around and used in different locations. Shiningintl(smochm) has a lightweight and compact design, making it convenient for people to use on the go.

The new PPS(programble power supply): the perfect charger theorys and applications in 1   Recently updated !

pps(programble power supply) theory: what is PPS(programble Power supply) ?PPS (Programmable Power Supply) fast charging technology is a fast charging technology based on the USB PD (Power Delivery) protocol, which can provide higher charging power and faster charging speed for charging devices.      Here is a brief interpretation of […]

how to turn off heart rate automatical test in wmswatch smart watch

Some users complain that the heart rate LED will automatically turn on , this is not a problem, it is the wmswatch heart rate monitor function on working. Normally, there are three modes for heart rate function in wmswatch, they are: 1.the sports mode: in sports mode, the wmswatch will […]