Smart Audio

the Shininigntl technical support for smart audio

operating instruction for Shiningintl alexa speaker

Shiningintl Amazon Alexa smart speaker operation manual

1.     Overview Shiningintl has two type of Alexa enabled smart speakers , one is the “far field Alexa enabled smart speaker”, a far field alexa smart speaker can be waked by saying “alexa” without any hand motion need , there is an Mic-array inside the speaker, the Mic-array can always […]

shiningintl smart speaker microphone

What is near field microphone and far field microphone in smart speaker?

The microphone is a very important part in the smart speakers , the voice interaction is a trend in the future for smart home and other smart applications, the microphone dominates the quality of voice recognition rate, because it determines the sensitivity of receiving voice,  and now the near field […]